The Talent Behind Pomodoro Bella

An Italian concept from long-time, culinary industry cohorts, James Semanisin, General Manager and chef, and Chef Byars Parham, most recently Executive Chef of Cru Food & Wine Bar at Avalon. James shared, "Why pizza? We are both pizza fanatics and love good, fresh ingredients. As chefs, we only work with the best produce and cheese we can source and will be dedicated to finding and using the perfect tomato." Byars added, "One of the most interesting parts of our stall will be the dough room where patrons can catch a glimpse of us working giant sheets of dough for our house-made pasta and pizza. Working dough is an art. The right ingredients and the right vision are key. We brought in a Forno Bravo oven that we will fire up at 600-700 degrees — our pizzas will cook quickly in 1-2 minutes." In addition to pizza and pasta, marketplace items such as make-at-home meal kits that will vary weekly, house-made sauces, pasta, Italian desserts, and more will be offered. Pomodoro Bella will have an exclusive ordering window located on the expansive outdoor patio and will be open later than the daily food hall hours.