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Daisha 2 months ago

Grilled Cheese Panini

So glad Bella Deli has opened! Its a hit every time. Customer Service is great, food is prepared quickly and its always so good. Not to mention - its affordable for the every day stop. Today I had the Grilled Cheese Panini and added chicken, great sandwich. I'm a fan!

Eboni 4 months ago

Add Chicken

James, You are a mastermind when it comes to making a meal! I had the honor of being the first customer when Bella Deli opened here in Colony Square. James, you surprised me with this amazing breakfast sandwich. The way everything married together, instantly made this the best sandwich I have had, second to the chipotle chicken club you made me the other day). Thank you for always making something that feels like it was truly made from the heart. -Eboni

Jeff over 1 year ago

Baby Greens Casear

Great classic executed to perfection.

Jeff over 1 year ago


Great version of a classic.

Jeff over 1 year ago


Great pizza.

Wkquirk 2 months ago

Teriyaki Chicken Bahn Mi

"Stopped here in passing on my road trip down to Tampa Bay (more like Tompa Bay). Go Bucs! Hands down best Bahn Mi in ATL. Tastes like a bunch of angels dancing on my taste buds! This hits the spot. Usually Teriyaki and my tummy don't get along. LOL. I'll be back for this sammy for sure."- Keegan

Jeff over 1 year ago


My favorite salad they make.

Jeff over 1 year ago


The mark of a good pizza maker is the Margherita. They do it right.

Jeff over 1 year ago

Fig&Pear Bianco

We order this every Thursday for the office.

Morgan over 1 year ago


I thoroughly enjoyed this pizza experience. The Works in itself is a great atmosphere, and this delicious meal was the perfect touch! The staff is extremely friendly and you can tell the love they put into their food. I have already been back and plan to visit with friends and family again!